About Us

Perfiles Tecnológicos is a Software Development and IT Outsourcing provider with more than 14 year experience providing the necessary tools and solutions behind the success of many businesses. Our main goal is to achieve the highest quality of service and products that will lead our clients to a prompt and efficient business unravel. We attain remarkable experience providing not only Software Development and IT outsourcing but a complete technological facility management service to a large variety of multinational corporations. We pride ourselves for having more than 10 years of continuous service in some of our clients. We know these long term commercial relations have been possible thank to our business transparency. Our solid recruiting process is a competency-based management model. This model allows Perfiles Tecnológicos to identify the most suitable candidate for each position. We strongly believe that the full integration of this method contributes to have a very low annual attrition rate - 4 % -, a very low number for an outsourcing company. In addition to this, we perform quality monitoring activities to measure our service deliverables. We strongly believe constant communication with each client is the key for providing a customized and transparent service.

To deliver worldwide quality Information Technology services in a committed, adaptable and specialized way, in order to generate the highest value for our clients, staff and investors.

Become a regional company, recognized in the field because of our Software Development Quality and outstanding Outsourcing IT Service delivery.