IT Outsourcing

Perfiles Tecnológicos has wide experience outsourcing information technologies specialists either for IT Support or Software Development. We support these specialists with expert knowledge on IT human resources management. Our recruiting process is strong. The hiring process is a competency-based management model. This model allows Perfiles Tecnológicos to identify the most suitable candidate for each position. Our adaptability in the service delivery differentiates us from our competitors.

Software Developers: we provide the required specialist a specific technology according to our clients need and during the requested time.
  1. Outsourcing Software Developers allow your company incorporating professionals with total expertise in a specific technology. Your organization is able to hire our services for a specific period of time.
  2. We adapt to complete life cycle projects or phases of the projects.
  3. Outsourcing integrates different role efforts.
  4. Our specialists seamlessly integrates with your projects, therefore your team can focus on core business developments.
Service Desk Management Let us design your strategy and deliver the best technical support in your organization.
  1. Take advantage of our 14 year experience managing Service Desks and Help Desks.
  2. Our back up technicians are certified in our clients technologies.
  3. Specialists availability to perform different roles 24x7x365 service window.
  4. Our services will reduce significantly the negative impacts in your operation caused by technological disruption.

Transparency for doing business and full commitment are our organization most valued distinctives, ITIL aligned processes and procedures applicability, Service Level Agreement compliance, Proven response capacity, Our back up technicians are certified in our clients technologies