Social responsibility

We are on our way to achieve carbon neutrality

We reduce our carbon footprint We recycle We reduce our electrical consumption We reduce our fuel consumption We classify our waste We promote -when possible- home based shifts. Although these are very necessary actions we consider a shy try to erase our CO2 footprint, that is why we decided to achieve carbon neutrality.

Perfiles Tecnológicos takes on “Costa Rica Carbon Neutrality challenge”

The Costa Rican government has undertaken a series of proactive initiatives to attain a net zero of Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in order to become the world’s first carbon neutral country by year 2021. Perfiles Tecnológicos is currently performing the GHG emissions inventory in order to achieve the carbon neutrality.

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Reducing the IT gender gap

Perfiles Tecnológicos highly values women contribution to a commonly male domination field. This is one of the reasons for promoting female workforce additions to our work teams. 25% of our staff are women, a very high percentage for a technology focused company.

Labor policies

All our personnel is paid in accordance with Costa Rican labour regulations. We strive to differentiate ourselves from common industry hiring practices, therefore we promote fair salary practices.

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